Search Engine Optimisation

It's all very well having a well designed website with good information about your business, but if it isn't well optimised, it's like - as a good friend used to put it - building a bricks and mortar shop in the middle of a forest...  No one will find it!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your website easy to understand and use, both for your visitors and for search engine crawlers.

Key SEO Points


Clear, simple and well written content, descriptions of your products and services, with good use of images, icons etc. is fundamental.

User Experience (UX)

Clear navigation on desktop and mobile with plenty of links to relevant parts of your website.  Easy to read text, buttons etc. and good overall page experience - no jumps, unusable pop-ups or unexpected transitions - keep it simple!


If your website isn't fast, people will find another - it's as simple as that.  Google measures your page loading speed and will penalise your ranking if it's deemed too slow.  Well optimised images, videos and a solid platform are essential. 

Meta Titles & Descriptions

A good page title and meta description tells both crawlers and visitors what your page is about - it's the first shot you have to grab attention, and it is so often overlooked.

Flip Digital SEO Services

Our primary SEO service is a monthly monitoring service - we have automated tools that will keep an eye on your website 24/7.  We use these tools to provide reports  and actionable advice each month - the aim being to keep your rankings on the rise.  Outcomes from this may be:

  • optimise page titles and meta descriptions for second tier pages
  • fix issues preventing products displaying correctly for Google Shopping results (e-commerce)
  • write a new blog or service page to target industry keywords that your existing content doesn't cover
  • remove toxic backlinks from untrustworthy sources that are hurting your domain reputation
  • fix up page speed for slower pages on your site that Google isn't ranking due to poor user experience

We can also tailor additional services for more frequent monitoring, e.g. send alerts if your ranking drops for any keywords, or if one of your competitors shows a significant improvement in rankings.

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